Common Myths About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job) is a very popular type of both plastic surgery, both here in NYC and around the world. Nose jobs can help improve patients’ confidence, correct birth defects and broken noses, and improve medical conditions that affect the nasal passage. For many people, rhinoplasty procedures have many benefits, and as some of the most experienced rhinoplasty specialists in NYC, we have had the pleasure of seeing many of our patients’ lives really improve after getting the surgery. However, there are many common myths about rhinoplasty that cause confusion about the surgery. Today, we’re going to correct some of the most common myths surrounding rhinoplasty and give you more information about this popular procedure.

Rhinoplasty will be covered by my insurance.

Generally, rhinoplasty will actually not be covered by your insurance. No insurance plans will cover your nose job for cosmetic reasons, so it is important to save up money beforehand or enroll in a payment plan if you are planning on having a rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes. However, if you need a top new york rhinoplasty surgery expert to fix something like a broken nose or a deviated septum, then it may be covered by your insurance, depending on your plan.

Rhinoplasty is a very easy and quick surgery that any surgeon can do.

Actually, rhinoplasty is one of the most complex forms of plastic surgery that can be performed. The nose is a very small and intricate area of the body, and there are so many techniques that can be used to change its shape, both internally and externally. It is highly detailed and requires the doctor to have extensive training and experience to perform successfully. The procedure can take time and requires incredible attention to detail. When you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon, you should consider one that has specific experience in rhinoplasty, as general plastic surgeons may not be able to carry out this very difficult procedure.

I can change my nose to look exactly how I want it to.

Unfortunately, not every nose will look perfect on everyone’s face. There’s a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when planning a nose job. The size and symmetry of your face, your age, your ethnicity, and your gender all need to be taken into account when deciding what you want your nose to look like. A good surgeon will be able to take your requests, let you know what will look best on you, and perform the surgery as needed. Every nose is completely unique, so you should not aim to have someone else’s nose, you should get a nose that is best for you.

Getting a nose job is superficial.

Many people who get rhinoplasty surgery are not superficial, but instead are choosing to have the surgery to help improve their overall health. In many cases, the surgery can be done to correct existing health problems, such as a birth defect, damage from an accident, or sinus and breathing issues. Most people who get cosmetic rhinoplasty choose to do so to improve their mental health. If you’ve had an unhealthy dislike of your nose throughout your life, or you’ve been bullied for the way your nose looks, then a nose job can actually be a good way to boost your confidence, which in turn can help contribute to an overall healthier life.

Rhinoplasty always looks fake or unnatural.

Yes, there are some plastic surgeons out there that are not able to create a natural looking nose. However, if you choose a rhinoplasty specialist, this is unlikely to happen. They will help you create a new nose that takes your existing features into account and complements them perfectly, resulting in a nose that looks very natural, yet very flattering on your face. If you are worried about your nose job looking fake, be sure to convey this concern to your doctor so they can focus on subtle changes.

Many people wouldn’t consider a rhinoplasty as the answer to their health problems or confidence issues, but if you struggle with your nose, then the surgery may drastically improve your life. If you are considering a nose job, come in for a consultation to see exactly how a rhinoplasty specialist can help you live happier and more confidently.